Put your mouthpiece in and listen up, FitGuard works to increase awareness of dangerous, long-term head injuries

Interesting fact about contact sports like football, boxing, lacrosse and mixed martial arts: as the protective gear has gotten more prevalent and technologically sound, incidence of serious head injuries have increased. Most experts chalk this up to the fact that contact athletes are aggressive. Better safety gear lets them hit each other harder…and the harder they hit ,the worse the head injuries get.

Athletes in the United States alone suffer a total of 3.8 sports-related concussions annually. Because of the ethos involved in most contact sports, the CDC estimates that 47% of those concussed to not report concussion symptoms. This puts them at risk for second-impact syndrome, a potentially fatal impact to an already injured brain, if they remain in play. This is a dangerous trend all to common even in youth sports.

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