Engaging videos make fundamentals of neuroscience fun

If science has never been your forte, Harvard's Fundamentals of Neuroscience could change that. Using engaging animated videos, the free online course offers a thorough introduction to neuroscience in easily digestible videos to accompany the lessons. The course, MCB80x, is led by pioneering Professor David Cox. Cox and a crew of creative-minded experts have teamed up to offer enticing animated videos to go along with the online lessons on neuroscience.

Using whimsical characters and real-life scenarios to explain happenings in the brain, the Fundamentals of Neuroscience videos entice even the most skeptical of students to follow along. For example, the video on neuromodulation explains the physiological process by comparing it to going on a date and running into your ex. Using cute animated characters, the video breaks down a complex process into an easily digestible, memorable form.

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