Using innovative magnetic tech, this creation is making sci-fi fans and skating enthusiasts float from joy

Humankind may be one step closer to scaling the scientific summit toward which it has labored so long. Unlike the miniature NeoLev and the HoverSkater, which uses air turbines, a new magnetically-charged, full-sized hoverboard might finally fulfill our wildest fantasies.

Jill and Greg Henderson, founders of Arx Pax and Hendo Hover companies, have developed a working hoverboard that can support up to 300 pounds for about 15 minutes over a 1-inch cushion of air. The device ‘floats' as its strong magnetic field repulses against non-ferrous metal surfaces (such a copper or aluminum), similar to the way that magnetic levitation trains function. As their Kickstarter page explains, the Hendo team designs, develops, manufactures and sells Hoverboards and the Whitebox™ developer kit.

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