You can't be 'The Predator' with this getup, but Drap og Design's new color-matching wearable brings new light to the party

According to their Facebook page, the founders of Oslo-based Drap og Design wanted to “do something cool together” instead of hunting for jobs so they set their minds to creating something cool.

From the looks of it, they succeeded. Their first product is the Interacket Jacket: a light overcoat that changes color based on what you touch.

Physically, it's about as heavy as a hoodie sweatshirt, made from three layers. The inner layer is silver reflective lining of the sort you see emergency blankets made from. The outer layer is a thin painter's coverall top, waterproof and translucent. The cool part is in the middle: a wearable layer of blue, green and red led lights operated by open-source Arduino chips and a color sensor in each sleeve. These strips of colored light activate and combine according to the commands from the color sensors.

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