iPhone 6 Case with Shutter Button and Interchangeable Lenses

iPhone 6 Case with Shutter Button and Interchangeable Lenses
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Transform your phone into an easy-to-use, professional photography tool

Kiran Umapathy
  • 15 october 2014

The Taiwan-based designers at Bitplay are at it again with their latest case for the iPhone 6.

The SNAP! 6 is the latest iteration in their series of iPhone cases that look and function (moreso) like analog cameras. It features a actual shutter button to snap photos and comes with a set of interchangeable macro and wide angle lenses to broaden the scope of what you’re able to do with the phone’s camera iPhone 6. Bitplay explains the motivation behind the product:

As photography enthusiasts ourselves, we realized no matter how much we love to take pictures with our iPhones, we always encountered that awkward moment of not being able to snap a perfect shot naturally and easily. Whether we used the volume button or touch screen to take a shot, we usually ended up with shaky photos or our hands blocking the view. Taking a steady shot with a single hand was almost impossible.

The mechanics of the case are simple. Since the shutter button on the case and volume button are situated within the back cover of the case. SNAP! 6 takes advantage of the built-in function of Apple’s camera app where pressing the volume button takes a photo. When the shutter button is depressed, the volume button underneath is also pressed to trigger the camera’s shutter. Since all new iPhone 6s come equipped with the thumb swipe unlock feature, pairing it with the case eliminates some steps in taking a quick snapshot.



It’s a beautifully designed product that provides the user with the ergonomic experience intended by camera manufacturers all along. Also interesting to note is just how prevalent it has become for products to be marketed with selfie enthusiasts in mind. Bitplay devotes an entire two paragraphs to it.

Bitplay is currently raising funds for the Snap! 6 on Kickstarter with approximately two weeks remaining. It is available in four different colors (black, silver, strawberry pink, deep blue) and a pledge of $35 USD or more includes the case as a reward. Bitplay is also planning on releasing an editing app called SNAP! Pro in the beginning of November.

SNAP! 6 on Kickstarter
Bitplay Inc.


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