A string of martial arts-like training programs offer Padawans the ultimate choice

As its website explains, the LudoSport Combat Academy is organized as a non-profit amateur sports association “that practises and teaches a new type of sport: Lightsaber Combat.” First established in Milan in 2006, the academy is affiliated with the Italian amateur sports league UISP (Unione Italiana Sport per Tutti), has several locations throughout Italy, and plans to open several British, Irish, and Russian locations soon.

Classes began this summer in Cheltenham, England, where a small but dedicated group of light saber combatants have already begun to gather. After attending an international boot camp to train as an instructor, local musician Jordan Court now teaches Apprentices and Padawans at the new center. For Court, taking up the sport was an easy decision: “I know people who do fencing and other similar sports and I thought there had to be a group that did lightsaber sport,” he tells Metro UK. “I had been looking for a group like that for a couple of years. That’s how I came across LudoSport.”

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