Vibrant Jewelry Collection Doubles as Photography Filters

Vibrant Jewelry Collection Doubles as Photography Filters
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JellySeries 1 by TaliaYStudio is a jewelry collection featuring bright brass pendant necklaces that also serve as camera devices

Daniela Walker
  • 8 october 2014

A beautiful piece of jewelry can just sit on the wrist, the finger, the chest and look pretty and it will have done its job. But the JellySeries 1 by Vienna-based design firm TaliaYStudio is beautiful and functional. It is a collection of colorful pendants that, when held in front of a camera, become hazy, real-life Instagram filters.


Presented during Vienna Design Week, the JellySeries is the first range of self-produced products by the studio, and it actually came about thanks to another project. Earlier in the year, at Milan Design Week, the studio presented the KissCam, a small camera worn as a necklace that would only take a picture when the wearer kissed it. Accompanying it were a set of these jewelry filters. Studio founder, Talia Radford explains to Dezeen:

The JellySeries was originally conceived as part of the KissCam project. Lots of people wanted the brass-rimmed antique glass pendants we designed as wearable photo-filters, and so the demand motivated us to get into the business of production.


The first set of JellySeries pendants include cyan, magenta and yellow handblown glass pendants – inspired by the old filters used on lighting in theaters. But the studio has plans to continue releasing new seasonal sets, such as one for winter with more muted colors – dark green, brown and mottled grey – as well as a weather collection, and a nude skin color collection. Like analog camera filters, wearers will be able to layer the pendants on top of one another to create new color effects.


The necklaces are already on sale at the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna and will also feature at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. There are plans to get JellySeries 1 in stores in London, Paris and Berlin by the end of the year. Radford adds:

It’s been a really sweet journey through the field of production, from sourcing materials to packaging to getting shops to be excited about them. We’re really looking forward to getting lots of people wearing and using them.




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