The Kuna is a brilliant home security device that takes on an outdoor lantern disguise

With an on-board HD camera, microphone, speakers, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, the Kuna takes on a lamp disguise in the name of home security.

The camera in the Kuna will feed live video to your smartphone so you'll know if a stranger or a friend is at your door. If you don't want to let a person in, you can tell them right away with Kuna's push-to-talk function.

The Kuna shines out when you're not at home.

When the lamp is connected to your WiFi network, the Kuna will send you alarm notifications when motion is detected no matter where you are. The lamp streams HD video and you can trigger the alarm, stream what you want to say to the person at your door or play a pre-recorded message remotely. All of this can be done through an accompanying app which also controls the lamp's light.

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