LED Tree Swing Creates Evening Light Show

LED Tree Swing Creates Evening Light Show
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Electroluminescent tape and hi-tech lighting help adults rediscover their inner child

Ross Brooks
  • 2 october 2014

LED lights are not only a great way to save money, they can be seamlessly integrated into even the most unexpected areas of life. Need more proof? How about the LED Tree Swing from Germán González Garrido. The seat of the swing has been fitted with electroluminescent tape around the edges, and LED lights underneath. It looks so cool when the sun has set that you’ll have no problem waiting in line with other children to take you turn.


The design of the swing is fairly simple (which you can see in the video below), but the results you can see in the images below are nothing short of magical. There’s also a remote control that lets you change the color, gradient, and flash effects of the LED lights for times when you have an outdoor event or just want a change.

On his website, the designer recommends hanging the swing from a very tall pine tree – roughly 24 feet in height. This makes the light path a lot more broad, and makes it much easier to get some great light painting shots.

Germán has a passion for design, photography, technology and entrepreneurship. He believes that creativity, an innovative spirit, hard work, and cross collaboration are essential for expansion, excellence and success. As you can see, the designer has a special place in his heart for projects that involve creative uses of light.


Germán González Garrido

Images by Germán González Garrido


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