Smart Conference Badge Does the Networking for You

Smart Conference Badge Does the Networking for You

With Loopd, wearable technology enters the networking and conference space

Adriana Krasniansky, PSFK Labs
  • 27 october 2014

Attending a conference can be an exercise in sensory overload—back-to-back speakers, new technology demonstrations, and ongoing networking makes it difficult to keep track of important information or contacts. Loopd is a new wearable technology meant to simplify conference attendance, unobtrusively collecting data as users enjoy the experience, stress free.

Beacons are placed around the event location and establish a network that communicates with individual wearers’ Loopd chips. These chips, worn around attendees’ necks like lanyards, receive data from the beacons and track users’ movements within the space. At any point during the conference, attendees can sync their chips with a mobile app, which displays the booths and presentations they visited, the people they interacted with, and the locations where they spent the most time. Users can also access additional information and links about the events’ vendors and speakers.

Loopd also provides a trove of data for marketers and conference organizers. Sponsors can configure their devices to collect data about the attendees who interacted with their booths and provided means for follow-up communication. Organizers can collect data to measure traffic flow and demographics; collected information can be transferred to office software for post-conference analysis and improvement.


To protect the privacy of users, Loopd allows each individual user to customize how much information can be shared, from contact information to demographic data. The system is also prepared for technical complications: if an event’s wireless network goes down (which the system of beacons relies on), the badges continue to collect data, and update once the connection is restored.

Unlike competing conference technology apps (which require active phone bumping or tapping to transmit data), Loopd is the first event marketing app to collect ambient data. Although designed with conferences in mind, Loopd’s discrete data collection method is slated for adoption at other data-heavy events.


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