Luxe offers drivers personalized, on-demand valet service in San Francisco

I come from a small town 45 minutes south of San Francisco, which is close enough to drive up any night if the week but far enough to need a reason. The city of San Francisco itself offers a plethora of culture, but it's congested streets leave nothing to be desired. After traffic comes the additional constraint of searching for a parking spot, of which there are few. The 45-minute drive quickly extends by thirty minutes more before reaching the front doors of my destination.

A new app Luxe aims to curb the shortage of San Francisco parking. In an Uber-esque service, drivers who need their car parked are matched with personal valets who will park it, wash it or fuel it. To prompt on-demand parking, the driver sends for a trained valet within vicinity to meet them by foot, bike or skateboard. The location of both parties can be tracked via the app in real time.

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