TapServer makes necessary evil more enjoyable for agency employees

Timesheets are no fun, but they are vital if you want to get paid. Thankfully, Minneapolis agency Colle+McVoy has figured out a way to make them less painful – free beer! Not fond of just handing out cans of beers, the full-service agency decided to build a “multi-keg beer deployment system” instead. The result is TapServer, an motivational beer tap that combines RFID tags and custom-written software to incentivize employees.

The technology used to make TapServer includes several Arduinos, a Node-based server, solenoids and a Raspberry Pi. Its software was also written to tie seamlessly with Colle+McVoy's existing time-keeping application. As an added feature, TapServer can also keep track of ounces consumed per employee and beer brand.

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