A camera that can tell you if you're sick and a robotic doctor built for space travel lead the pack in the Finnish brand's future tech contest

Nokia's Sensing XChallenge is a future tech contest offering $2.25 million in awards to contestants who bring technology designed to accelerate hardware and software sensing technology that improves health and well-being. The X-prize style contest has been running since 2013, and has arrived at two finalists.

Finalist EyeMiTRA takes a picture of your retina and uses it to monitor you for a variety of health conditions. The blood vessels in your eye change shape and size minutely in response to thousands of conditions including diabetes, infections and risk of stroke or heart attack. The MIT Retinal Assessment would take a daily eye photo and send it to a cloud database for comparison and generate a potentially life-saving early warning. Future iterations will include a smartphone app that lets you use its integral camera to take the shot.

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