Leap Motion Game Takes You On Psychedelic Vortex of Light, Sound

Leap Motion Game Takes You On Psychedelic Vortex of Light, Sound
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Funktronic Labs' Collider is an interactive audiovisual experience that immerses gamers with generative visuals and dynamic music

Emma Hutchings
  • 27 october 2014

“Collider” is a new audiovisual experience that fully immerses gamers through the combination of music and virtual reality. Developed by independent game studio Funktronic Labs, who also created the Kyoto and Lotus apps, it uses the Leap Motion and features full head-mounted support for the Oculus Rift DK1 and DK2.

The interactive audiovisual experience, which was designed over the course of three weeks, enables gamers to view generative visuals and dynamic sounds while using 3D motion controls and gestures. To build “Collider’,” Funktronic Labs’ founder Eddie Lee collaborated with award-winning Japanese multimedia artist Baiyon, who is a prominent DJ in the Kyoto house and electronica scene. Baiyon is responsible for the app’s supergalatic sound design.


‘Collider’ takes the user on a journey through a psychedelic vortex of light and sound, by bringing together raw infrared imagery with full 3D immersion. It was inspired by the imagery and visual design of the Large Hadron Collider, and puts users in the place of a particle as it accelerates through the supercollider and bends space and time. They can use both their hands to grab and pull the air in order to propel themselves further into synth sounds and generative visuals. This progression is self-driven, so users maintain control over the speed and intensity of their unique experience. Eddie Lee comments:

When we looked at other Oculus demos, we found the sensation of traveling through things to be the most interesting visually. We wanted to be traveling through something, like a tunnel, and we discovered images of the LHC. The vanishing point is extremely beautiful and intriguing – it inspired us to go down that route.

“Collider” is available for free on the Leap Motion App Store. You can check it out in the video below:

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