Oculus Rift demo features virtual trips to paradise

If you're looking to escape to paradise, Guided Meditation, an Oculus Rift DK2 demo, provides a choice of peaceful places you can virtually visit. The app, created by Cubicle Ninjas, currently features four soothing settings from across the world to choose from – Birchnut Forest, Cosmo Canyon, Costa Del Sol, and Yosuka Garden.

The free app is now available to download on desktop computers (including Mac OS X or PC), and is designed to use with Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets.

Guided Meditation takes relaxation to high-tech levels with the immersive experience of virtual reality. In the app, you can virtually travel to tranquil locales such as a flawless tropical beach, a mesmerizing Japanese koi pond, breathtaking canyons under an endless blue sky or an enchanting forest. A soothing voice offers guided meditations with breathing exercises to complete the journey to relaxation.

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