Enter Old Navy’s Giant Contraption That Turns Selfies into Balloon Art

Enter Old Navy’s Giant Contraption That Turns Selfies into Balloon Art
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The Old Navy #Selfiebration machine is a giant device that turns Twitter selfies into ephemeral, blown-out portraits

Daniela Walker
  • 21 october 2014

This year Old Navy turns 20, and to celebrate the milestone, the brand will be setting up a “Selfiebration” pneumatic machine which translates Twitter selfies into balloon art.

The campaign, which launched on Oct. 16, asks fans to tweet a selfie of themselves to Old Navy as well as a ‘birthday wish’ with the hashtag #selfiebration. On Oct. 22 in Times Square, and on October 25th at Los Angeles’ Hollywood & Highland Center, these selfies will come to life on a large 15-foot-tall machine that recreates the portraits with inflated balloons. The celebration is also a competition with three lucky winners: one national winner will get $10,000 to fulfill their birthday wish, while a winner from New York City and Los Angeles will each receive $20,000 towards their wish.

The machine was created with the help of Pittsburgh design studio, Deeplocal. It was created using 5 miles of wires, almost 1000 custom-made balloons and a specialized pneumatic system that could inflate the balloons simultaneously, according to Greg Baltus, director of technical production at Deeplocal. Baltus explains in a making-of video:

Our specialized software grabs images from Twitter – anything with the hashtag selfiebration – and rasterizes that image [turns it into pixels] so that it can displayed properly on the balloon display wall.

Old Navy plans to run the machine for 8 hours each day, at two selfies per minute, with the goal of reaching 1,000 selfies per day.

See “how to have a selfiebration” in the video below:

Old Navy // Deeplocal

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