In Brief

A design team creates toys that reveal rather familiar, intimate needs of popular plants

The team goes by a name PSX Consultancy, short for Plant Sex Consultancy. They’re not lying as they do offer consultation services to plants and their diverse sexual needs. In the presentation, common domestic potted plants are given a voice with which to complain about their sexual downfalls. Most are about the failure to procreate while one is about avoiding STD.

One client, the famous carnation, is fitted with a sultry vanity lace piece to protect it from “sexually-transmitted diseases”. These STDs are carried by pollinating agents such as insects, from plant to plant. The fungi even when it infects just one flower can render the whole plant sterile. The carnation tells PSX Consultancy of being bred by humans to have more flowers, ultimately making it more susceptible to the fungi. The delicate lace acts as a shield for select flowers while complimenting the beauty of the bloom.

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