E-Ink Touchscreen Card Aggregates All Your Plastic

E-Ink Touchscreen Card Aggregates All Your Plastic

Plastc has one foot in the future and the other behind the merchants' counters

Rachel Pincus
  • 13 october 2014

Are you ready to ditch your cash-stuffed wallet but wary of putting all your financial information on an easily-lost device? The future of making payments may well be with (or on) the Plastc, a new kind of card that conceals the latest technology and security measures in the form of a card that can be used in any existing magnetized-swipe system.


Plastc’s list of innovations wouldn’t be complete, however, without enumerating its new technologies. It has Chip and Pin (EMV) built in, NFC/RFID capabilities and can show barcodes and QR codes on the e-ink screen. This prepares the Plastc for contactless payments, gift cards, loyalty cards and even proximity-based building entry systems. The card also pulls biometric data from your face, adding an extra layer of identity verification. Chip and Pin and NFC, however, will require a firmware update after shipping to activate. Still, the fact that the Plastc can be updated is a nod to its plan for future usefulness even after all these technologies become commonplace. It does run on a battery, but it shouldn’t need to be charged for 30 days.


According to co-founder and CEO Mark Stubbs, the card’s robust magnetic strip also should allow it to be used for transit-turnstile swipes as well in many cities – though only time will tell if the MTA’s primitive card-swipe system in New York will be able to react properly with it.


What really sets it apart from mobile phone payment systems, though, is its security system. Since it tethers to your mobile and has a proximity sensor, you can set its Wallet app to send a notification to your phone if the two move too far away from each other for a certain amount of time, the threshold of which is determined by you. If the card is determined to be lost, you can swiftly and remotely wipe all its data – until, of course, you are reunited with your card and can re-sync with it.

Plastc Wallet App.jpg

While some businesses have yet to even embrace credit cards due to fees (and sometimes, tax-dodging), Plastc helps ease the transition of payments into this secure, biometric, flexible era with its simple magnetic strip. Want to stay ahead of the curve with your payment system? It can be pre-ordered for $155 and ships in the summer of 2015.


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