Plastc has one foot in the future and the other behind the merchants' counters

Are you ready to ditch your cash-stuffed wallet but wary of putting all your financial information on an easily-lost device? The future of making payments may well be with (or on) the Plastc, a new kind of card that conceals the latest technology and security measures in the form of a card that can be used in any existing magnetized-swipe system.

Plastc's list of innovations wouldn't be complete, however, without enumerating its new technologies. It has Chip and Pin (EMV) built in, NFC/RFID capabilities and can show barcodes and QR codes on the e-ink screen. This prepares the Plastc for contactless payments, gift cards, loyalty cards and even proximity-based building entry systems. The card also pulls biometric data from your face, adding an extra layer of identity verification. Chip and Pin and NFC, however, will require a firmware update after shipping to activate. Still, the fact that the Plastc can be updated is a nod to its plan for future usefulness even after all these technologies become commonplace. It does run on a battery, but it shouldn't need to be charged for 30 days.

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