The Beaufort Bar at the Savoy hotel now has a gorgeously illustrated drink menu that pops up when you turn the page

Some pictures of food look good enough to eat, though you probably shouldn't try to rip out and ingest the pictures in your menus. Still, restaurants and bars everywhere spend hundreds or thousands of dollars in order to make the pictures on their menus look appetizing to the eye. One hotel bar in London is taking that concept to another level by letting its customers get up close and personal to the pictures of its cocktails.

The Beaufort bar at the the Savoy Hotel, a famous London hotel, is now serving up a drink menu with pop-up picture. Each cocktail gets its own image, complete with a backdrop of some kind and a description of the drink and its ingredients. A collaboration between British paper engineer Helen Friel and illustrator Joe Wilson, this menu will dazzle customers with its creative design and stunning artwork. In fact, ordering drinks may take a little longer than usual now as patrons thumb through the gorgeously drawn images that stand tall page after page.

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