Porsche Campaign Shows Wearable Tech Fusing with Digital Art

Porsche Campaign Shows Wearable Tech Fusing with Digital Art

The automaker and 'The Atlantic' creative marketing group produced an event to measure the thrill of driving around a race track

Emma Hutchings
  • 21 october 2014

In August, an event was held at the Chicago Autobahn Country Club, produced by Porsche and The Atlantic’s creative marketing group Atlantic Re:think. Titled ‘The Art of the Thrill‘, it was powered by the TRAQS Enterprise Platform and digital design studio Sosolimited.

The event measured the thrill and excitement drivers experience while driving the new Porsche Macan on the race track, with biometric data provided by the Hexoskin shirt. The event and a recently published article by The Atlantic show wearable tech meeting digital art. Twenty five drivers were selected to participate, each fitted with the latest in high tech wearable sensors.


The Hexoskin shirts they wore measured their breathing and heart rates, acceleration and other biometric data in near real-time while they were behind the wheel on a serpentine course. The vehicles were equipped with high-precision QStarz GPS recorders for tracking their exact location on the track, along with their speed.

This data was sent into a visual dashboard powered by TRAQS’s system and then transformed by Sosolimited into art in order to visualize the thrill. This created unique “fingerprints” of their experience on the race track. After a trip around the race track, drivers could view their data visualizations on a 65″ touchscreen TV. They were able to navigate their data and see the exact speed and location on the race track where they experienced the most thrills, by looking for a jump in their heart rate or breathing rate.


An algorithm processed this data into a visceral flow of pulsating, glowing shapes and colors. These artistic renderings of the biometric data from the project show that everyone experiences the thrill in different ways. The colors, shapes, and sizes reflect real-world factors such as the contours of the track, heart and breathing rates, moments of adrenaline, and moments of rest.

The inner colors (blue, pink, and green) depict the heart rate, while the outer translucent form represents the breathing rate. When the shapes expand, that’s the driver experiencing the thrill of driving the new Porsche Macan. This campaign shows how art and technology meet to capture the experience behind the wheel. You can learn more about The Art of the Thrill in Atlantic Re:think’s video below:

Art of the Thrill

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