Wover the Woven Rocker combines CNC milling and hand-woven polypropylene webbing

At this year’s Seattle Design Festival the theme was ‘Design in Motion,’ which would explain this giant rocking chair called ‘Wover the Woven Rocker.’ Made from a CNC-milled plywood framework and a hand-woven polypropylene webbing, the rocker is able to hold more than a dozen people. During it’s time in the city’s occidental park, the chair attracted countless pleasure-seeking kids and adults.

The plywood framework consists of seven perfectly symmetrical ribs which add up to a length of 15-foot. These ‘ribs’ were then held together by multiple threaded rods wrapped in a hand-woven polypropylene webbing. Symmetry was a key aspect of the design which makes it possible for the rocker to return to equilibrium without any mechanical aid.

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