Gadget accessory made from recycled material transforms your tablet into retro-style TV

From a creative brand that simply aspires to make “neat stuff” comes a product that is certainly neat, but is also 100% recyclable and an excellent addition to your home. The Cardboard Safari Crew introduced the ultimate Safari TV accessory, an iPad stand comprised entirely of cardboard that displays your technology in a retro-style design. The environmentally-friendly materials can be folded, constructed and customized with colors and paints.

Though not ideal for the safety of your tablet if prone to slipping from your hands at unexpected times, the Safari TV offers a number of other cool features similar to a traditional iPad cover. The piece (capable of assembly by a beginner skill level) simply slides over your device and leaves spaces for the iPad’s Home button, FaceTime camera, USB connector, headphone jack and volume control so users can still access their favorite controls with ease.

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