Interactive anti-selfie mirror distorts reflection the longer a person looks into it

In today’s selfie-obsessed culture, narcissism is no stranger. But what would an anti-selfie look like? What would happen if the reflection looking back at you in the mirror was distorted? French artists Chloé Curé and Bertrand Lanthiez have created just that in an interactive project, “We Are Narcisses.”

The multimedia piece was inspired by Curé’s and Lanthiez’s school assignment on the subject of beauty. In selfie-obsessed pop culture, ideas of self are often tied to our own reflections in the mirror or phone. For “We Are Narcisses,” the artists decided to explore this selfie phenomenon, and how reflections of self-alter our perceptions of ourselves. Curé and Bertrand test this theory and invoke the myth of Narcissus with an anti-selfie mirror that distorts the viewer’s image.

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