Freestyle illustrator is creating a doodle using the entirety of the Six Mile Pencil

Thanks to technology, doodling can literally leap off the page with 3D-printing pens. You can draw vibrant light patterns on photo booth snapshots using miniature LED bulbs. Your images can even hover in the air using augmented reality devices. The Six Mile Pencil, though, takes it back to the classic doodling medium – graphite and paper – using clever design rather than digital tools to inspire illustrators to create.

Guerilla doodler Jon Burgerman, known for his zany, stream-of-consciousness doodles, is taking the Six Mile Pencil out for a test sketch. In collaboration with design agency Lyon & Lyon, the brains behind the pencil, Burgerman will produce a 100cm x 100cm drawing using the entirety of the pencil. (That is six miles, or roughly 4,500 Shaqs). Burgerman tells PSFK:

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