‘Six Mile Pencil’ Illustrates How Far You Have Drawn, Encouraging Creation

‘Six Mile Pencil’ Illustrates How Far You Have Drawn, Encouraging Creation

Distance, not time, is the new measure of dedication to your craft

Ross Brooks
  • 1 october 2014

Anyone with established drawing skills will tell you that it took hours and hours of practice to get where they are today. To help encourage more people to draw, and give them a way to track their progress, design agency Lyon&Lyon; has created the Six Mile Pencil. Not only does it have enough graphite to draw for six miles, it’s also got a ruler on the body that tells you how many miles you’ve drawn so far.


The designers created the Six Mile Pencil so that people could get back in touch with the almost redundant skill of using a pencil. As it says on their Kickstarter page, “With every hand drawn sketch, memo or offensive doodle of your boss, you can visibly see how far you’ve drawn and fist pump the air at every milestone.”

To make sure people can stay motivated regardless of their preferred unit of measure, the pencils have been made available in both mile and kilometer variations. They will also be produced by one of the last remaining pencil manufacturers in England, Chambers pencils, a 90-year-old family-run business.


As part of their Kickstarter campaign, the designers are going to print a series of limited-edition, screen-printed posters. They feature the super cool Six Mile Pencil branding but also come equipped with a pencil log that makes it easy to keep track of how far your thoughts have traveled. The poster is available when you pledge £24 ($42), which also buys you 2 packs of 4 pencils, 2 notebooks, and a hand-signed thank you note.


So there you have it, a fun a simple way to keep you motivated on your journey to becoming a master of the pencil. Also, just to throw a fun fact in the mix, you could draw one continuous line from London all the way to New York with 576 (and a half) of the Six Mile Pencils.


Images by Six Mile Pencil

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