Six Monkeys transforms digital platform into physical form with aim to reshape negative connotations associated with the once-loved service

There are only a handful of people who wake up excited to check email in the morning. In fact, writing and responding to emails has become such a time-consuming task many will avoid at any cost. We’ve handed off emails to personal assistants, both real and virtual, to avoid sorting through them ourselves.

Designer and artist Brendan Dawes wants to change those negative connotations with a technology that we once looked forward to reading. His latest project, Six Monkeys, named after famous chimpanzee used in linguistic research, is a series of objects that explore our physical interactions with emails. Dawes aims to reframe the context in which we perceive email in hope that we can learn to appreciate, and potentially love, them again. By putting emails in our everyday surroundings, we may begin to see them in an alternative light to our digital relationships.

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