This smart yoga mat helps enthusiasts develop better practices for their body type and observe limitations by connecting to wireless devices

Yoga is one of those exercises that looks easier than it is. With the complex positions and the ability to stretch into the correct form and breathe deeply at the same time, it's not just simple as it appears on the surface. For those serious about taking their yoga practice to the next level, the type of mat you use makes all the difference, particularly if you use the SmartMat.

The SmartMat is not just a fancy name — the mat actually learns about your abilities and limitations through basic measures and baseline poses, which will help tailor subsequent practices to the user that can be accessed through an app for mobile devices. The mat can also be taken to practice where it will keep a running record of the practice and incorporate it into future workouts, or it can be changed to Zen Mode, where it will provide no feedback or score, though will still store data for analysis.

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