A documentary dives into the creation, proliferation and collection of Kenner figurines in the 1970s from the sci-fi classic

Whenever a story crops up about a mint-condition toy selling for millions of dollars, there are people all around the world who gripe and groan about how toys are for playing, or kicking themselves for not thinking to keeping that well-loved figure. Shows like Pawn Stars and Comic Book Men have made this a popular topic of discussion, selling nostalgic knick-knacks for hundreds or thousands of dollars. None are so valuable, or as beloved, as the old Star Wars film toys.

Plastic Galaxy is a documentary that provides an inside look at the world of Star Wars toys and figurines, from their creation to their collection. Distributed by Gravitas Ventures, the documentary talks not only with various members of the team from Kenner that designed these infamous action figures but also delves into the history of their development and popularity. The film also talks with avid collectors about why they feel attached to their old school action figures but what force drew them to the franchise in the first place. Despite being a niche topic, essentially discussing nerdy nostalgia, these toys and their legacy had a huge impact on kids of the era, a scope which the documentary showcases beautifully.

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