The 'Star Mug' is a must for stargazers and astrology fans chugging coffee to stay up for late-night astronomy sessions

The sky is fascinating, magical. Look up at it in the middle of the day and it’s a flat, featureless expanse of blue. Look up at night and it’s a black surface riddled with millions of tiny white jewels. This is just one of the reasons stargazers in all times and all places have been so fascinated with the heavens.

The Constellation Mug serves anybody with that fascination a helping of astronomy knowledge with each morning cup of coffee, tea or latte. The mug ships with a matte black finish covered with white dots. Adding a hot beverage changes the surface to add lines connecting the stars of its imitation sky into six well-known constellations labelled with their primary and descriptive names such as “The Great Dog — Canis Major.”

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