Why a well-crafted strategy is like the unfolding plot in a great story

Working alongside executive leadership teams at companies, I find that one of the key opportunities for organizational growth and transformation is when leaders recognize the need to revisit, refresh or redefine the key building blocks that drive their business. When the CEO or CMO realizes it’s time to reinvigorate and reposition their brand it oftentimes highlights the need to refine or redefine their overall business strategy.

There is a lack of understanding around some of the most important building blocks for change. More often than not, there is a lack of agreement around what vision, mission and values actually mean, why they’re important and how to put them into action to drive growth. Oftentimes, prior work in this space is discounted because it’s either outdated or irrelevant, and it ends up living in generic and forgettable statements mounted on plaques in conference rooms.

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