What Will Apps Look Like on the Apple Watch?

What Will Apps Look Like on the Apple Watch?
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One company gathers ideas on how familiar communication services will appear on Apple's upcoming wearable

Leo Lutero
  • 15 october 2014

By being an entirely new product category, the Apple Watch is meant to pose a challenge for developers. ThinkApps, an app development company, has put together ideas on how popular mobile apps can make the most out of Apple’s take on the smart watch.

Facebook Messenger

The Facebook messenger’s separation from the main social networking app allowed for it to develop into a powerful messenging tool. The novel easy-reply chat heads transition perfectly to the smart watch form factor too. Design by Unity Interactive


simplyuser_thinkapps_youtube apple watch.jpg

Although the Apple Watch’s minute screen might not be the best way to enjoy video content, a YouTube app won’t hurt anybody. Design by Simply User


apple watch apps 2.jpg

The Skype interface is clean and straightforward. It will let you answer phone calls and reply to messages using voice recognition. Design by Touch Art.



Yelp will ideally work hand-in-hand with the phone to provide navigation to an establishment. The smart watch’s ultimate feature, it’s form factor, will allow a hands-free stroll to your destination. Design by UX Passion.



Tinder’s smartphone interface is a perfect match with the Watch. The swiping left or right remains, and when “It’s a Match!” happens, you can proceed to chatting right away. Design by TouchArt

In addition to the touchscreen interface, the Apple Watch has the unique Digital Crown. A watch-themed version of the early click wheel, the Digital Crown let’s the user scroll up or down. The Watch also features a Haptic Engine, a vibration that should feel like a light tap on the wrist, for notifications.

The Watch is scheduled to launch next year. Early rumors eye mid-February as the release date (mass production is rumored to begin in January). Expected to sell at around $349, it is set a price category above its most obvious competitor, the Moto 360, which features an elegant round face for a full $100 less.

Since being announced last Sept. 9, the Apple Watch has become a much-awaited product in the wearable tech category. The Watch will come in two sizes, with heights of 1.5 in and 1.65 in. Expect a wide array of straps for the watch, from rubber to silver chains to leather. In both sizes, the scratch-proof sapphire encased display will be larger than the popular Pebble smartwatch. An entry-level Apple Watch Sport is expected to be the cheapest version but it will come without the sapphire shine.

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