Lightweight and low-risk unmanned aircraft could be the solution to a better understanding of how twisters work

The USA is the most tornado prone country or region on Earth. Hit by more than 1,200 incidents a year, many of these tornadoes cause loss to valuable properties and lives.

The Sirens Project explores the possibility of using or drones to further the scientific understanding of tornadoes.

The delta-wing-type drone is the starting point of the design. Each drone will have on-board measuring devices to record barometric pressure, temperature and relative humidity. An on board GPS will geo-tag all the data including the elevation of the drone. The data will be able to produce a 3D rendering of the tornado. According the creator, meteorologists and engineers will essentially be able to capture an MRI of the tornado. A compact 1080p HDMI camera is also placed on board to capture storm videos from the inside which will allow a visual inspection of the storm.

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