This Kickstarter project incorporates iPhones into the purse design, so that wearers never have to dig around through their handbags again

The days of frantically searching for your phone as it rings from the depths of your bag may be well and truly over if the makers of the Voye Clutch have anything to say about it.

Since cell phones have become an integral part of our lives, accessories designers have made some accommodations, often putting a phone pocket in the interior of the bag. But who actually uses these pockets that are often the wrong size? More often than not, smartphones are thrown haphazardly into the bag, falling into the bottomless pit, lost amongst other purse paraphernalia. But the creators of the Voye Clutch, Toronto-based company fft Labs (made up of duo Amy Martin and Jess Waterman), propose that women never actually have to take their phones out of their bags.

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