Wristify sends hot or cold impulses on your wrist to alter your body's perception of temperature

The developers behind Wristify say the bracelet works like dipping your toes in a pool on a hot day or a hot towel on the forehead on a cold night. Instead of actually altering the body temperature, it just sends hot or cold pulses through the wrist.

How our body reacts to the temperature of the environment is never really accurate. This is the reason why a room may be too cold for you but perfectly fine for a friend.

The Wristify concept was created by embr labs, a group founded by four MIT students. In an interview with Wired, Sam Shames, one of the inventors, says it started with wondering why being in the same temperature-controlled room would cause a different reaction between him and his mother. With his initial research, he found out that how we perceive temperature is highly perceptive.

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