New Zealand company Refold has launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce American-made desks

Refold’s desk brings a new meaning to the term ‘flat pack’; when you have finished using it you can fold it up and take it away with you. It turns into a lightweight carry case weighing just 6.5kg.

Wellington-based company Refold designed the desk to challenge the idea that work means sitting in front of a computer every day for hours on end. Instead, they created a desk that takes only 2 minutes to slot together and is designed to be used while standing up.

This frees users from being trapped in the office, as well as giving them the benefits of working on their feet. A number of experts have found that sitting down while working is as bad for your health as smoking. However, if necessary, it is also possible to assemble the desk in a different way to use it while sitting.

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