PSFK’s Future of Retail Report 2015 looks at how retailers create meticulously curated product portfolios to align with shoppers' ideal lifestyles

Think about that store you just couldn’t live without. It may not check off every item on your shopping list, but you can trust that it will probably tick off a few. Our relationship to our favorite retailers is built on this idea that its products and ethos embody our own values and outlook. We rely on these shops to bring our innate point of view to life through product, decor, or otherwise, and as a result, they oftentimes become a part of backstory we want to tell.

In our recently released retail report, PSFK Labs has noticed that one way retailers could take a more active role in the “Lifestyle Curation” of their shoppers is by rethinking their merchandising mix and displays by placing products into fresh contexts that connect to shopper interests and needs. Whether bundling products and services into functional ecosystems or complementing mainstream offerings with bespoke selections from emerging makers and designers, this new approach to curation not only differentiates individual stores, but also creates new sales opportunities. Done well, retailers are positioned to help their shoppers “Imagine the Ideal” both in-store and outside of it.

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