Aesthetec's open-source electronic toys have their own personalities and can interact with people and other bots

A creative studio in Toronto has come up with an appealing way to teach people about coding – by inviting people to make their own tiny, programmable robots. Little Robot Friends by Aesthetec Studio can sense and play with touch, sound, ambient and IR light and even chat with one another by sending IR signals.

You can tickle them, play peek-a-boo, speak to them and even watch the robots chat amongst themselves, along with a host of other options.

The coolest thing about these electronic toys is that you can customise their personalities, choosing on a scale of one to five between opposing character traits. For example, you can choose how grumpy or happy your little friend is, whether it is scaredy or brave and how ticklish or awkward it is. Users can give their robots lots of contradictory personality traits, to make them more unpredictable and fun to play with.

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