Simple plug-in device detects when tobacco or marijuana is smoked in a room, then lets one know via wi-fi alert

If you've ever held a large party or been responsible for a public facility, you've had the experience of wandering into a room and smelling the tell-tale scent of tobacco or marijuana smoke, but not being able to do anything about it because the smoker had long since left the area.

AirGuard may be a solution to this problem. The portable device is based on the work of Joe BelBruno, a research chemist and professor at Dartmouth who has studied the effects of secondhand smoke. Using technology he placed in a sensor to record that data, AirGuard can sense the presence of tobacco or marijuana smoke in the same room as the unit. It uses a pair of chemically sensitive polymer films to detect the smoke, and to communicate the infraction to the circuitry in the device.

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