Museum Audio Tours Match Your Mood via App

Museum Audio Tours Match Your Mood via App
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Visitor-curated routes evolve over time with new user comments

Ross Brooks
  • 20 november 2014

A visit to the museum can be a drastically different experience depending on whether you go in with a smile or a scowl on your face. Playing off this theme, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam is now using a Mood App to organize their collections by emotion. That way you aren’t faced with violent images when you’re feeling sad, or expressive, undefined pieces when you’re in the mood for logic. If you can’t find the right route to match your mood, it’s also possible to create your own tours.

Launched earlier this month, the app features a collection of guides that present visitors with pieces on display that correspond to a particular mood. Emotions include sad, scared, bored, cheerful, and enamored. The museum also provides free headphones so that visitors can listen to recordings through the Mood App.


The idea is interesting because it’s more likely that you will connect with a landscape painting or traditional Chinese piece while in a state of calm, whereas a loud, colorful interpretation of a face may be better suited to when you’re feeling playful. While it’s a good idea, it’s also important that labels don’t become too restrictive. Maybe an artist wanted their work to be confusing and mixed with conflicting emotions?


To add a social element to the app, it’s also possible for visitors of the museum to create their own tours by making a playlist of artworks in the gallery and assigning them a certain mood. There’s also the option of adding audio comments, which makes for a more complete experience when people choose the visitor-curated guides. Listeners can then add to the guides they’ve just listened to, or create their own, creating a cascade of new comments and customized audio guides.

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam / Mood App

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