Bedside charger can neatly charge the new smart watch with other Apple products simultaneously

The nightly charge is an oft-cited complaint of Apple products. For many, bedsides consist of a tangle of white Apple cords all leading to their chargers, and the addition of the Apple Watch means just one more white USB added to the mix. But a packaging concept by Evelio Mattos, creative director at Design Packaging Inc., envisages a bedside charger that can neatly charge the new Apple Watch and other Apple products simultaneously.

The tangle of cords is ‘not very minimalist, not very Apple,’ write Mattos in a blog post presenting the concept. So he created Apple Watch packaging that included a combination charging dock with 2 USBs, capable of charging both the watch and an iPhone 6. Mattos did not want to solely imagine a new way of charging, but also a clean, intuitive way of fitting the equipment in the box, so that it was beautifully displayed on the shelf as well. He writes:

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