Stay Safe Yet Fashionable with Artemis Smart Jewelry

Stay Safe Yet Fashionable with Artemis Smart Jewelry

This stylish accessory is expanding the frontier of the latest generation of consumer technology

Charlie Stephens
  • 14 november 2014

Wearables are being used to seamlessly integrate digital experiences into the physical world, as well as physical experiences into the digital. With the market’s latest gadgets we can track our physical activity, monitor our health, send e-mails and make calls.

Sense6 Design is now taking wearable technology one step further by fusing safety technology with elegant design. The smart jewelry company is creating Artemis, a personal safety wearable currently in Indiegogo that discretely hides inside fashionable jewelry and communicates via smartphone.

Designed primarily for women, the Artemis can be worn inside its corresponding necklace and accessed in times of emergency. By tapping three times on the device, an emergency signal is sent to a 24/7 private security agency that has instant access to police, fire, and medical services.


A message will also be sent to friends or family via SMS or e-mail. After messages are sent, users will have access to all audio and motion data via the cloud, that could later be used in legal proceedings if need be.


Active users don’t need to worry about accidentally activating the alarm signals. If you do happen to surpass the multiple tap activation, the signal can be quickly deactivated with the connected smartphone app at no charge.

While other personal security systems have been designed specifically for elderly adults and young children, Artemis is made for ages 16-70. It fits in nicely with those that live an active lifestyle- the device is showerproof and only needs to be charged every two weeks via a wireless charging pad.

As a fashionable accessory, its important that Artemis fits various personal styles. The necklaces come in either sterling silver, white gold or gold. If you change styles often, you can get all three models and interchange the device to fit your taste.


In order to maintain the security system’s communication structure, there are various subscription plans that users can subscribe to. Prices range from $1 – $19/month- the lower end consists of friends and family notification, and the upper includes the agency service.

For those who love the nightlife but dread that long walk home alone, Artemis may be a nice addition to your tech collection. Or if you’re simply looking for a new piece of jewelry, it can’t hurt to have a few safety features- just in case.



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