With the Bruvelo brewing device, artisanal coffee can now be a daily in-home experience

The art of preparing a quality cup of coffee is difficult to perfect. It takes much time and training, high-quality coffee beans, and premium equipment. Even if you have your own chemex or french press, nailing down the right measurements and techniques is no easy task.

Currently in Kickstarter, the Bruvelo is a smart, WiFi connected coffee brewer that automates the handcrafted experience that you’ve always wanted, making it simpler for coffee drinkers to prepare their own high quality coffee. The Bruvelo filters the water, manages temperature and ratios, pre-rinses the filter, and then weighs, grinds, blooms, and brews the beans. With the push of a button, your cup of coffee is carefully brewed just as if it were prepared by a barista.

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