A scientific cafe in Massachusetts presents new and inventive ways for patrons to enjoy food

Parents often remind their children to eat their food rather than inhale it. While they mean that their kids shouldn't ingest food at top speed,  a science-inspired restaurants does actually let you now eat by smell, ingest clouds, and, yes, even inhale your food.

The Cafe ArtScience in Cambridge, Massachusetts presents diners with new and weird ways to eat food for a totally different dining experience. Created by biochemical engineer David Edwards, the cafe contains some unconventional menu items, like coffee you smell through an oPhone, clouds you ingest through a Le Whaf, or your after dinner mint you inhale through an AeroPod. If you've got a a picky eater in your party, there's no need to worry as the cafe does offer some lovely gourmet dishes of a more traditional fare. The menu, according to the website, seems to be in flux so don't come in with your heart settled on one item.

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