Version two of the minimalist Numerical app is launching on Nov. 13

Created by Andrew J. Clark, the programmer behind Very Tiny Machines iOS apps, Numerical is a calculator app that comes with a minimal and beautifully designed user interface and provides a few extra features that make it easy to use and intuitive.

Numerical, which Clark dubs the “Calculator Without Equal,” was first released earlier this year for the iPhone, but the developer has created a second version which will be released on Nov. 13.

Numerical, the calculator without equal, literally doesn’t include an equal sign and simply displays the results in real-time as the user types out operations. The calculations are also visible to the user at the same time and the user can swipe left, right or up on the answer or equation to undo, redo or save. The saved equations go to the app’s History view and users can delete old equations or clear all history and start all over again.

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