This Electrical Socket is Also Your On/Off Switch

This Electrical Socket is Also Your On/Off Switch
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Clack Plug concept saves energy, hassle for everyday-use appliances

Adriana Krasniansky, PSFK Labs
  • 6 november 2014

Have you ever gone to unplug or move an unused charger, only to realize it is still warm to the touch? Even when turned off, plugged-in appliances, electronics, and chargers continue to drain energy. Hoping to solve the problem of phantom electricity consumption, designers Goeun Choi, Jeongsoo Heo & Younghun Lim have created a concept electrical socket that can be switched off when not in use.

The Clack Plug is both an outlet and light switch; once a plug is inserted into a socket, it can move the socket up or down, turning the electricity source on or off, respectively. Rather than having to plug in or unplug a phone charger each time it’s needed, users can turn power off at the flick of a switch.


Clack Plug is not the only device designed to curb wasted electricity, but it is one of the first to consider user experience. In order for users to take an extra step and turn off an appliance’s power source, this step must be unobtrusive to daily routine. Particularly in locations that are hard to reach (under a bed, or in a cramped corner), plugging and unplugging devices from a socket is frustrating for users; flicking a switch is much less of an inconvenience.

Simple design “fixes” such as Clack Plug can have an enormous impact on environmental efforts and energy conservation. When not in use, idle cell phone chargers consume 0.26 watts and laptop chargers, 4.42 watts, reports Stanford Magazine SAGE. In total, power usage from idle devices comprises 10 percent of United States residential energy use, an equivalent of $4 billion.

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