Kickstarter project promises to wirelessly integrate home devices regardless of phone platform or manufacturer

The great thing about a modern home is all of the devices that make our lives easier, safer and more comfortable. The bad thing about a modern home is all those devices, each with their own set of controls and too often their own remote control to fill with batteries and keep losing under the sofa cushions.

The Cielo WiGle consists of four devices that together form a connected and consistent infrastructure for you to communicate with your home via a smartphone. The four devices are:

WiGle a translator between your smart phone and remote controlled televisions and air conditioners, allowing you to control multiple devices of different brands from one point WiCam, a portable camera that monitors whatever room you place it in for audio and video, accessible in real time from anywhere you have signal WiLi screws into any standard light socket, and turns any lightbulb into a remote-controlled smart light. WiSe which senses motion, location, light and environment so you can remotely monitor your home or any belonging

The bundle connects to a free app with robust controls rivaling the most advanced feature set for any specialized product of its kind. For example, the WiLi allows for robust programming according to time, day and date and switching between programs according to the circumstances.

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