Programming and robotics reinvent an otherwise ordinary human movement

Some designers try to infuse their pet projects with profound meaning, instead of acknowledging them for what they are, which is exactly what Max Kessler did with The Coin Flipper. Titled “Stupid Pet Project,” this invention served as a chance for him to have some fun and also combine a love for building with an interest in learning about new technology and concepts. As for the end result, it's a fascinating device that puts a whole new spin on flipping a coin.

Triggered by the proximity of someone's hand to a photocell landing pad, the device uses a clever combination of angles, spring ratios and spacing to flip a coin across the distance. The programming and robotics for the device were built with an Arduino Uno, photocell, and Jameco 12V DC Motor. Early prototypes were made with MDF, while the final version uses custom cut 1/8″ acrylic.

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