From recipe curation to caloric recommendations, the MAID oven is transforming the way we interact with our home appliances

The vision of a “connected home” is no longer a fantasy of far-out sci-fi productions. Companies are stepping up there game to develop intelligent products that allow us to monitor and communicate with our homes. Studies show that the $61 billion connected home device industry should see shipments increase by 67% over the next five years, and products are being developed that improve almost every type of in-home experience.

MAID is an internet-enabled oven that furthers this connected home vision by letting people use their personal data and preferences to enhance the cooking experience. Standing for “Make All Incredible Dishes,” the connected appliance is a smart assistant and multifunctional oven that features a convection oven, microwave and top heater functions that can be operated via touch, voice command, and gestures.

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