VIDA democratizes fashion through digital printing to support artists and craftspeople in the global economy

When Umaimah Mendhro was growing up in a small town in Pakistan, she dreamt of becoming an artist. Instead, she came to the United States as a young adult, earned an Ivy League education, then built a career in technology and business. Today, Umaimah blends her passions for art, technology, and business while helping her fellow Pakistanis break the cycle of poverty with the launch of her new e-commerce platform, VIDA.

VIDA offers one-of-a-kind scarves and tops from artists around the globe to socially conscious fashionistas. “I wanted to use technology to create a global platform that gives emerging designers all over the world an opportunity to share their gift with the world,” she explains. Artists receive 10% of the $45-$90 retail price for each of their pieces sold.

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