Electrozyme is a biosensor strip that tells the wearer when to replenish lost electrolytes, rehydrate and take a break

A person’s sweat says a lot about them, and not just when they last took a shower. Sweat has over 800 unique biomarkers that can provide vital information on a person’s physical state. The Electrozyme, a new fitness wearable, plans to use this data to provide users with live, accurate data on their progress and their body’s needs.

Jared Tangney, Co-founder of San Diego-based Electrozyme, tells PSFK:

My co-founder Josh Windmiller developed the core technology during his PhD at UCSD. We found that the wearable market market was extremely lacking in sensor innovation. Sweat contains a ton of useful information for your health and fitness, but no one has been able to tap into that information and make it available the consumer. Our goal is to finally make sweat useful.

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